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Airport Hopping Anyone?

Long haul flights is not really fun especially when you travel for business. I was flying from Asia to USA last month on a trip that took me close to 23 hours being suspended in the air across the continents. There were many transits on this journey that I called this an airport hopping experience.

Honestly I wasn’t that excited. But somehow I ended up spotted various different and unique things around each of the airport that I’ve been to this round.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

I stumbled upon this exhibit of airplanes model from various international airliners. Traveling a week after the MH370 disappearance has not make things any easier since its our national carrier that’s missing and the world goes frantic. Seeing the model airplanes reminded me that the plane with the crew and passenger was somewhere out there, somewhere. We are hoping.

Singapore Changi Airport


I flew from KL to Singapore next and have to spend a night here. Changi is one of the best airport. Its hard not to like anything. You can practically spend hours here doing many things from shopping, surfing internet provided at kiosk, watch free movies at the airport cinema, or just walk in the mini garden with ponds and some greens. I stayed at the transit hotels at one of the terminals, which is not too bad.

Hong Kong International Airport

I landed in Hong Kong the next morning. Its another big airport which provides an ultimate shopping experience with all big names and designer brands. I was wandering around finding my boarding gates when i spotted this exhibit which i presumed tells the story of HK history. I didnt manage to stop by to check this out closer.

Chicago Airport, USA

16 hours in the air can be very very long. I’ve watched all movies that I think I liked. Read books, eat and sleep throughout the journey. Finally arrived at Chicago with the significant weather drop of -8 degrees C. I found this humongous dinasour towering next to United Airlines Customer Service desk. Thats a bit intimidating, i think 😉

San Francisco International Airport, USA


Arriving at SFO airport was an interesting view. For a while I thought I was in the wrong airport when I saw the Japanese toys being displayed (i did went to Japan on the way back though). Interestingly San Francisco Art Museum put up an impressive display of influential Japanese toys and figurines from a variety of Ultraman statues to the assemble of Hello Kitty soft toys that makes the gown of the mannequin.

Tokyo Narita International Airport

Finally I’m really in Japan! I had a few hours of transit so I dashed into shower the first thing I reached the lounge. 14 hours in plane, significant weather change and multiple stops was enough to cause a lot of stress. I find the shower facilities at the lounge was pretty good with some bamboo design on the wall that looks very Japanese.

My last stop after Japan was back in Singapore, before heading back home.

Even Im sort of hopping from one airport to another this round, my thought is that there’s always something unique that you can see, even at the airport.

Has anyone stumbled upon something interesting at the airport that you have been to? I welcome your comments.


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Magical Boston Nights

Another instant-impulsive shots taken outside a restaurant. Was out having dinner with colleagues and suddenly Im captivated with the this night view lights and color illuminating Boston city. Somewhat magical, feels like Mary Poppins (except that I have no umbrella). It was freezing cold and we’re headed to Mike’s Cannoli for dessert after. I will be posting a full-fledge story on my Boston city adventures , pretty soon.


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One (Few) Nights in Bangkok


Heard of this song?

Well, my experience is nothing quite like a man’s reason for visiting Bangkok. I’ve been hesitating about going there. Reason?Bugs on skewer! We really are not on friendly terms. But once I set my foot in this city capitalizing on their tourism industry, my perception changed and there is actually more to Bangkok than bugs on a skewer.


Having a meal from the 30th floor with the Bangkok city view can be pretty awesome. Sipping coffee and just getting lost in the view of the city. Sukhumvit district has a mixed of urban and sub-urban feel to it. You can find posh hotels nestled in between some really run down buildings and in between the morning and night markets.

Skytrain Routes and fares











Easiest way to travel to all places of attractions is via the BTS Skytrain. With a platform that inter-connects with shopping malls and major shopping district, it is one of the most convenient way to travel and avoid traffic jam. The skytrain is clean, well air-conditioned and never ran out of space for advertisement opportunities from the waiting platform, entry gates up to the inside walls of the train and also the small TV displays available close to every door. The fares isn’t expensive and it’s really convenient hopping from point to point.

Who Is Madame Tussauds?

The lady who made wax making her business.











I always dreamed of visiting the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Britain. However didn’t expect to find the museum actually in Bangkok. The wax statue collection is not that extensive as compared to the museum in London and their add-ons are the Thailand political leaders, some from ASEAN countries and Thailand Royal Family apart from the usual famous figures and British Royal Family. But who is actually the Madame Tussauds who made the wax figure so famous? A brief history states that she is born as Anna Maria Grosholtz in Strasbourg, France and she begin wax modelling at early age of 17 years old. Her mother was a housekeeper to the physician and famous wax modeller, Dr. Philippe Curtious who train her on the wax modelling skills. In 1970 she was invited as art tutor to the French royal household and in 1787 she has made the wax figures of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. Throughout her career she has made the wax models of famous celebrities, athletes and even criminals and in 1802 she begins staging her wax collection in halls and theatres in major town and cities all over Britain. She died at the age of 89 years old, after staging her wax collection for close to 33 years. Her children continued her legacy until today.


The ‘Airport’ Concept Mall – Terminal 21

Terminal 21









Next on hit list is shopping. Honestly you can get a lot of cheaper deals at the local flea markets but I was impressed with the concept design of this Terminal 21 Mall. First of all, it’s designed based on airport concept. And by being inside the mall, each floor is like being in different country so you can say that you have ‘been’ to 5 countries in 1 day 🙂

Level G – Rome











Oh, I fall in love in Rome! Ok, ok.. I watched too many movies. But there’s this one movies on this girl who dropped a coin in the wishing fountain and found love. I haven’t been to Rome but I guess being on this floor makes you feel like you have been there. It’s that real from the wishing fountain, ceiling art decor, downright to the toilets.

Level Mezzanine – Paris











Not much interesting things to see in Paris floor. The decor is quite subtle in comparison to the other floors. It’s designed to be more like French street style, with nice ambience, flower pots and bicycle parked at the corner. Gives you that French countryside street feel.

Level 1 – Tokyo


Designed with Tokyo in mind, all the decor on this floor from the pillars with the art of sumo wrestlers, cherry blossom trees, lantern and restroom makes you feel like you are indeed in Japan.

Level 2 – London


What’s there not to love about London with its glorious union jack color splashed everywhere from the royal guards statue to the live-size double-decker bus parked literally on the floor itself? And I love the phone booth!

Level 3 – Istanbul


I never been to Istanbul. But the decor here is quite fancy, reminded me to the Arabian nights in Aladdin (again I’m influenced by movies i watched). Oh well, someday I will live my dream of being in the land of Laurence of Arabia.

Level 4 – San Francisco

San Francisco floor brought back many landmarks and memories to places that I have been in San Francisco many years ago. Most obvious of all, the Golden Gate Bridge, built suspended in the air right in the middle of 4th Floor concourse. And again the art and decor speaks for itself.

Level 5 – Pier 21


Pier 21 Floor is a food court. Using the prepaid re-load card system, you can enjoy your meal here and gets refunded if there are unused amount in the card. Mainly selling local Thai delicacies, stalls to go for is the one selling coconut ice-cream, fresh fruit ice blended, and seafood pad Thai.


What’s there about travel if you don’t try the local street food? Here’s my favorite picks. Mango sticky rice is a must try. The taste will blow you away. The sweetness of the mango, sticky rice and coconut cream with crunchy green beans on top is just mouth watering. It’s almost like a Thai national dish given you can see this being sold everywhere. Next is the shrimp pad thai. Flat rice noodles stir fried with beansprout, shrimp and eggs sprinkled with ground peanuts and some chili powder for those who love the extra spicy kick. And something new i discovered on this trip is the coconut ice cream. Made from a mixture of young coconut water and flesh, the taste of the ice cream is smooth and simply fabulous. A nice treat on hot day. You can pick the variety of toppings to put on top from peanuts, boiled sweet potato, corn or jelly.


For dessert lover, Mr Jones Orphanage is a pretty a cool place. The kind of place that reminded you to your childhood days of playing tea party with teddy bear and toy soldiers inside your grandma’s kitchen. The desserts of various cakes, scones, macaroon and milkshakes are to die for. The ambiance is like waking up inside your childhood dream. It’s so much fun to eat here.

I will come back to Thailand anytime, just to savior the sight of the city and taste of the food.

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The Holiday Blues


Often after being gone for nearly a week, coming back to normal routine is always hard.

What I love the most from being away? The no-schedule part and the freedom to do something or nothing at all. Its all up to you.

I’m never a fan of tour groups and main reason is the schedule of odd hours flight, early morning wake-up and the rushed pace of how tour operators try to get everyone and staying within time to cover as many location possible.

The no schedule really give you the sense of real break from all the hectic mess in the world. I even try to disconnect from gadget, which at times might appear impossible to do.

So I have a holiday blues (or probably a withdrawal syndrome) and my mind keep wondering when and where I will be spending my next holidays and whether I will be able to save enough money to be able to afford one.

Searching for flight deals, travel fair and hotel promos seems to be the motivation for staying alive until the next escapades. Until then, dream on to the next destination!


17 Mile Drive to Big Sur



















It was a beautiful morning to have started a road trip. San Jose weather was chilly in the morning and sunny come mid-morning. It was a long time since the last time I was in California so this brought back some fond and memorable times.

I love the view of the ocean. The smell, sound and color is calming on my mind and soul. I always view my travel adventures as a way to escape reality that is often stressful and harsh. Whenever I’m away on this kind of adventures, I let my senses and mind drift away to some never land and just enjoy the moment.


We passed by the Carmel River and pass by Monterey Bay along the pacific ocean. The view is one of the most scenic view I have ever seen. The orange-green color of the grass, the blue sky, the sound of the waves crashing the rocks. Its like, all the stress of the week just being washed away.


Somewhere along, we passed by Rocky Creek Bridge and Bixby Bridge, the historic bridge that was built in 1932. The view still very much breathtaking and people just pull over to get photographs taken at the stop points. The bridge was obviously old and built across the hills. The winding road somewhat felt familiar and foreign at the same time.


We continued on to the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. The roads are smooth, with the misty sea view on the right that reminded you to the land of the pirates and mystery movies. There are pine trees and hills on the left, with occasional view of cows grazing the grass. There are greenery of the hills ahead and occasionally the road is sandwiched between 2 hills and large pine trees.


The Pfeiffer Big Sur is a popular hiking place. The air is so cool and fresh that I hardly believe that I’m there in the first place. You can arrange for guided hiking. But we arrived pretty late to go in to the beach area as the tide has gone up by 5:00pm.We stayed on for a while enjoying the vast pine mountain laying out in the landscape before we get back to the city.


We stop by for lunch at a small place called Sea Harvest Fish Market and Restaurant. Well, upon entering the place, it smelled rather fishy because at the front of the restaurant they do sell fresh fish and sea catches. The restaurant is at the other half of it. There’s quite a number of patron there but they are short-staffed. The order came pretty late. We ordered crab cake, chowder and some calamari, which is not too bad a choice.

Come dinner on my second night, it’s a different story.






I was taken to dinner at a restaurant called the Boiling Crab. Basically they serve seafood that is cooked or steamed inside a bag and the waiter will serve them from buckets straight to the table – no plates whatsoever. You eat them with your hands, like a barbarian! We ordered some large crabs, oysters and crayfish. The aftermath of the dinner was pretty evident on the mess that we made. But it was very good and the price were reasonable for 3 person’s meal. I really don’t mind coming here again though at first I was a bit horrified by the presentation of the foods. Now that’s a dinner to remember.