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The Holiday Blues

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Often after being gone for nearly a week, coming back to normal routine is always hard.

What I love the most from being away? The no-schedule part and the freedom to do something or nothing at all. Its all up to you.

I’m never a fan of tour groups and main reason is the schedule of odd hours flight, early morning wake-up and the rushed pace of how tour operators try to get everyone and staying within time to cover as many location possible.

The no schedule really give you the sense of real break from all the hectic mess in the world. I even try to disconnect from gadget, which at times might appear impossible to do.

So I have a holiday blues (or probably a withdrawal syndrome) and my mind keep wondering when and where I will be spending my next holidays and whether I will be able to save enough money to be able to afford one.

Searching for flight deals, travel fair and hotel promos seems to be the motivation for staying alive until the next escapades. Until then, dream on to the next destination!


Author: A.D

Dreamer, writer, food lover and traveler. I curate contents based on my interest around food, travel, lifestyle and everything in Penang, Malaysia and beyond. Disclaimer: Reviews are solely based on my personal opinion. I am not associated to any food establishments and will not be responsible for any dissatisfaction or disappointments.

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