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17 Mile Drive to Big Sur



















It was a beautiful morning to have started a road trip. San Jose weather was chilly in the morning and sunny come mid-morning. It was a long time since the last time I was in California so this brought back some fond and memorable times.

I love the view of the ocean. The smell, sound and color is calming on my mind and soul. I always view my travel adventures as a way to escape reality that is often stressful and harsh. Whenever I’m away on this kind of adventures, I let my senses and mind drift away to some never land and just enjoy the moment.


We passed by the Carmel River and pass by Monterey Bay along the pacific ocean. The view is one of the most scenic view I have ever seen. The orange-green color of the grass, the blue sky, the sound of the waves crashing the rocks. Its like, all the stress of the week just being washed away.


Somewhere along, we passed by Rocky Creek Bridge and Bixby Bridge, the historic bridge that was built in 1932. The view still very much breathtaking and people just pull over to get photographs taken at the stop points. The bridge was obviously old and built across the hills. The winding road somewhat felt familiar and foreign at the same time.


We continued on to the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. The roads are smooth, with the misty sea view on the right that reminded you to the land of the pirates and mystery movies. There are pine trees and hills on the left, with occasional view of cows grazing the grass. There are greenery of the hills ahead and occasionally the road is sandwiched between 2 hills and large pine trees.


The Pfeiffer Big Sur is a popular hiking place. The air is so cool and fresh that I hardly believe that I’m there in the first place. You can arrange for guided hiking. But we arrived pretty late to go in to the beach area as the tide has gone up by 5:00pm.We stayed on for a while enjoying the vast pine mountain laying out in the landscape before we get back to the city.


We stop by for lunch at a small place called Sea Harvest Fish Market and Restaurant. Well, upon entering the place, it smelled rather fishy because at the front of the restaurant they do sell fresh fish and sea catches. The restaurant is at the other half of it. There’s quite a number of patron there but they are short-staffed. The order came pretty late. We ordered crab cake, chowder and some calamari, which is not too bad a choice.

Come dinner on my second night, it’s a different story.






I was taken to dinner at a restaurant called the Boiling Crab. Basically they serve seafood that is cooked or steamed inside a bag and the waiter will serve them from buckets straight to the table – no plates whatsoever. You eat them with your hands, like a barbarian! We ordered some large crabs, oysters and crayfish. The aftermath of the dinner was pretty evident on the mess that we made. But it was very good and the price were reasonable for 3 person’s meal. I really don’t mind coming here again though at first I was a bit horrified by the presentation of the foods. Now that’s a dinner to remember.