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Airport Hopping Anyone?

Long haul flights is not really fun especially when you travel for business. I was flying from Asia to USA last month on a trip that took me close to 23 hours being suspended in the air across the continents. There were many transits on this journey that I called this an airport hopping experience.

Honestly I wasn’t that excited. But somehow I ended up spotted various different and unique things around each of the airport that I’ve been to this round.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

I stumbled upon this exhibit of airplanes model from various international airliners. Traveling a week after the MH370 disappearance has not make things any easier since its our national carrier that’s missing and the world goes frantic. Seeing the model airplanes reminded me that the plane with the crew and passenger was somewhere out there, somewhere. We are hoping.

Singapore Changi Airport


I flew from KL to Singapore next and have to spend a night here. Changi is one of the best airport. Its hard not to like anything. You can practically spend hours here doing many things from shopping, surfing internet provided at kiosk, watch free movies at the airport cinema, or just walk in the mini garden with ponds and some greens. I stayed at the transit hotels at one of the terminals, which is not too bad.

Hong Kong International Airport

I landed in Hong Kong the next morning. Its another big airport which provides an ultimate shopping experience with all big names and designer brands. I was wandering around finding my boarding gates when i spotted this exhibit which i presumed tells the story of HK history. I didnt manage to stop by to check this out closer.

Chicago Airport, USA

16 hours in the air can be very very long. I’ve watched all movies that I think I liked. Read books, eat and sleep throughout the journey. Finally arrived at Chicago with the significant weather drop of -8 degrees C. I found this humongous dinasour towering next to United Airlines Customer Service desk. Thats a bit intimidating, i think 😉

San Francisco International Airport, USA


Arriving at SFO airport was an interesting view. For a while I thought I was in the wrong airport when I saw the Japanese toys being displayed (i did went to Japan on the way back though). Interestingly San Francisco Art Museum put up an impressive display of influential Japanese toys and figurines from a variety of Ultraman statues to the assemble of Hello Kitty soft toys that makes the gown of the mannequin.

Tokyo Narita International Airport

Finally I’m really in Japan! I had a few hours of transit so I dashed into shower the first thing I reached the lounge. 14 hours in plane, significant weather change and multiple stops was enough to cause a lot of stress. I find the shower facilities at the lounge was pretty good with some bamboo design on the wall that looks very Japanese.

My last stop after Japan was back in Singapore, before heading back home.

Even Im sort of hopping from one airport to another this round, my thought is that there’s always something unique that you can see, even at the airport.

Has anyone stumbled upon something interesting at the airport that you have been to? I welcome your comments.